New ToDo Pane

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The new To Do pane that is now available in the QTP, enables you to create and manage self-defined tasks, and to view a compiled set of the TODO comments from your tests, components, and associated function libraries.

For example, you can use the Tasks tab to provide instructions to someone else during a handover, or to create reminders for yourself. The Tasks tab provides check boxes in which you can mark off each task as you complete it. In the Comments tab, you can view and sort all your TODO comments. You can also jump directly to a selected TODO comment in the testing document.

If you use the Maintenance Run Wizard to detect updates needed to your steps or object repository, then you can use the To Do pane to track and manage the TODO comments added during the maintenance run session.

You can also export your tasks and TODO comments from the To Do pane to an XLS (Excel), CSV (comma separated), or XML file.

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