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QTP 10 - Asset Comparison Tool and Asset Viewer

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The QuickTest Asset Comparison Tool enables you to compare two versions of a particular QuickTest asset, such as a test, function library, shared object repository, or recovery scenario. For example, tests in different baselines or shared projects may be using different versions of the same resource. You can use the comparison tool to make sure that each test is using the correct version of its resources.

The QuickTest Asset Comparison Tool compares each element of the asset in a hierarchal display. The tool also enables you to drill down to view a comparison of the assets that are associated with that asset. For example, when comparing two versions of a test, the comparison may indicate that two of the function libraries, a recovery scenario, and some of the action steps changed between the two versions. You can then drill down to view a comparison of the two versions of any of these items.

Asset Comparison Tool, comparing two versions of a test

The QuickTest Asset Viewer is similar to the Asset Comparison Tool, but is used to view the data for a single version of a QuickTest asset.

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