Debugging QTP Tests and Function Libraries

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About Debugging Tests and Function Libraries
After you create a test or function library (including registered user functions), you should check that they run smoothly, without errors in syntax or logic. To debug a function library, you must first associate it with a test and then debug it from that test.

QuickTest Professional provides different options that you can use to detect and isolate defects in a test or function library. For example:

  • You can control the run session using the Pause command, breakpoints, and various step commands that enable you to step into, over, and out of a specific step.
  • If QTP displays a run error message during a run session, you can click the Debug button on the error message to suspend the run and debug the test or function library.
  • When a run session is paused (suspended), you can use the Debug Viewer to check and modify the values of VBScript objects and variables and to manually run VBScript commands.
  • You can use the Debug from Step command to begin (and pause) your debug session at a specific point in your test. You can also use the Run to Step command to pause the run at a specific point in your test. You can set breakpoints, and then enable and disable them as you debug different parts of your test or function library.
  • You can also use the Run from Step command to run your test from a selected step. This enables you to check a specific section of your application or to confirm that a certain part of your test or function library runs smoothly.