QTP10.com is a new and completely free website that offers help in all the versions of HP QTP (including latest version 10). More importantly, it offers free code for users of HP QuickTest Professioal. This site helps you in learning the basics of QTP and descriptive/advanced programming in (QTP) on various environments like - .Net, Infragistics, Web, Windows, etc.

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This blog is NOT affiliated with HP / Hewlett-Packard in any way. The data/questions come from various sources and we have our own testing questions. I am just another Software Tester like you.

Tricky QTP questions for all !!!

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1. How will you automate a window which while spying is not returning any property value ??

2. How do you find the color and font of all the links on the page???

3. what are the disadvantages of smart identification.??

4.what are the disadvantages of recovery scenario??

5.How can you execute javascript on qtp??

6.What are the basic prerequisites required in automating an infragistics controls based application?

7.Can i record a web based application on Mozilla??

8.What is the difference between Repository Parameter and Repositories Collection ??

9.How to copy Virtual Object Manager from one computer to another computer??

10.Can we use GetRoProperty method to get index or location of link in web application??

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