QTP 10 Release Updates

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New - QuickTest Professional 10.00 Release Update

The QuickTest Professional 10.00 Release Update (Patch QTP_00626) is a cumulative patch that updates your QuickTest installation with the latest files from a set of patches and hotfixes that have been released over QTP 10.
You can install the Release Update even if you have already installed one or more of the individual patches or hotfixes it contains.
A detailed description of each patch and hotfix can be found in the 'HP QTP 10 Release Update - Release Notes' file, available at:



New Web 2.0 Feature Pack for HP Functional Testing 10.0 – Available Now!

Modern Web 2.0 technologies are becoming very common and no enterprise testing tool available today addresses it very well. Customers need to be able to test these new Web 2.0 applications “out of the box” and be able to easily extend their existing tools to support future Web 2.0 development by end-users or partners.

The new Web 2.0 Feature Pack for HP Functional Testing (FT 10.0) is available in two versions from SSO. FT 10.0 and the Web 2.0 Feature Pack are also available as an integration to HP Quality Center on SaaS.

Web 2.0 Feature Pack with Pre-requisites: http://h20230.www2.hp.com/selfsolve/document/FID/DOCUMENTUM_QTPWEB_00044
(Select this file if you do not have both Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your computer.)

Web 2.0 Feature Pack without Pre-requisites:
(Select this file if you already have both Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed on your computer.)

This new feature pack will enable FT 10.0 to become the market leader in terms of breadth of Web 2.0 support and ability to address key Web 2.0 challenges in two key ways:
1. “Out of the box” support for the most common Web 2.0 technologies, including:
- Silverlight 3.0 (the hot new Rich Internet Application technology  from Microsoft)
- Ajax (the following toolkits are the most commonly adopted):
i. ASP.NET AJAX (from Microsoft)

ii. GWT (from Google)

iii. YUI (from Yahoo)

iv. Dojo (open source)

Together with the Flex add-in available through HP’s partnership with Adobe, this new functionality will provide the most comprehensive “out of the box” support for Web 2.0 offered by any functional testing tool on the market.

2. New Extensibility Accelerator (EA) for Functional Testing to provide fast and easy FT add-in extensibility . The new EA has a wizard-like user interface which makes it easier and faster to extend any FT add-in to support any control that is not supported “out of the box”. This capability is achieved by automating some of the tasks in the process and opening up the architecture to allow adding any AJAX toolkit or custom controls of other technologies.

To see a demo about the Extensibility Accelerator click here: