New Features in QTP 11

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Following are some Useful new Features (atleast for me) in QuickTest Professional 11:

  • GUI and UI-Less Application Functionality in One Test
  • The new QuickTest-Service Test integration enables you to test across the GUI and non-GUI layers of your application.
  • Collaborate with Developers to Pinpoint Defects Using Log Tracking
  • Automatically Parameterize Steps
  • New Silverlight Add-in
  • Extend WPF and Silverlight Support
  • Use Extensibility Accelerator for Web Add-in Extensibility Development
  • Smart Regular Expressions – Easy to Insert
  • Load Function Libraries at Run Time - LoadFunctionLibrary statement
  • Avoid Downtime Due to License Server Failures - redundant license server feature

We will discuss each feature in detail in Upcoming posts/articles