Product Enhancements in QTP 11

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QTP 11 now includes the following enhancements:

  • New Object Spy Functionality
  • Compare, Merge, and Export Object Repositories with Checkpoints and Output Values
  • Add Images to Your Run Results
  • New Dual Monitor Support
  • New Web Test Object Operations
  • New WpfTable Test Object
  • Hide the Keyword View
  • Enable Running QTP Tests on Minimized RDP Session Windows
  • See Version Control Status of Tests, Components, and Function Libraries at a Glance
  • Business Process Testing Enhancements
  • Web Add-in Extensibility Enhancements
  • Get Critical Updates Using the New HP Update Tool
  • Extended Trial Period for QuickTest Seat License
  • Updated QuickTest Asset Upgrade Tool for HP ALM and Quality Center

We will discuss the enhancements in Detail in upcoming articles. Ig you want to compare these with QTP 10, then check out -