HP QTP 10 Certification HP0-M39 Sample Questions

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1. How can you add recordable or non-recordable operations to your test? (Select three.)
A. Use the Step Generator.
B. Insert through Keyword View.
C. Drag objects from the object repository.
D. Drag objects from the Active Screen.
E. Drag objects from Available Keywords.
F. Drag objects from the Data Table.
Answer: ABE
2. What is a QuickTest Professional test comprised of?
A. calls to actions
B. calls to actions (reusable only)
C. calls to QuickTest Professional tests
D. calls and copies of actions
Answer: A
3. Which names are used to identify the status of your application before and after your automated test executes? (Select two.)
A. initial condition
B. static state
C. end condition
D. down condition
E. done condition
Answer: AC
4. During the planning phase, you decide to create multiple actions that can be combined and reused to achieve testing goals. Which element is critical for identifying the actions to be recorded and how to combine them?
A. input data
B. parameters
C. initial and end conditions
D. visual cues
Answer: C
5. What are the default add-ins installed with QuickTest Professional? (Select three.)
B. ActiveX
D. Web
E. Java
G. Visual Basic
Answer: BDG
6. Which Quick Test Professional View Option will show you the repositories associated with each action?
A. Resources
B. Information
C. Script Repository
D. Active Screen
Answer: A
7. Where can you reset the add-in manager if it does not display when you launch QuickTest Professional?
A. General Options
B. Run Options
C. Test Properties
D. Test Settings
Answer: A
8. You set your Record and Run settings to Record, and then run a test on any open browser. Which applications will be recorded? (Select two.)
A. Firefox
B. Safari
C. Silverlight
D. Chrome
E. Internet Explorer
Answer: AE

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