QTP Unplugged & And I thought I Knew QTP Books– 8 Books giveaway to Indian Readers

[Update: to make the Giveaway more interesting now giveaways are 4 QTP Unplugged Books and 4 And I Thought I Knew QTP books]

[Update 2Due to festival week in India [Deepavali week], we are planning to extend the giveaway deadlines to November 3. 
Those who didnot send the entries - Send us your entries asap and you can be the one to grab best seller QTP books/tutorials for free..]

Sometime back we asked on facebook that who all are interested in learning the QTP for free. Reason for asking is – I don't understand why people are spending hundreds of $$ on QTP trainings. There are recourses available at affordable prices. The resource we are talking about is a Book – QTP Unplugged by Tarun Lalwani.
About Book:
QTP Unplugged is the first book on QTP and it is the best seller. The writer is Tarun Lalwani. I pre-order this book in April 2009. When I got the book Tarun (author) personally called me on my mobile (not only me, but to all readers) and asked me about the book.
Book is really amazing and in every chapter you will find something new to learn(even if you know QTP). There are really very excellent tips in each chapter thru which one can start working on QTP more smartly. I really appreciate the effort of the author. I bet, if you really want to learn QTP then only this book is enough to understand the basics and advanced concepts. Also whenever you have any issues/queries in QTP, author will help you via QTP forums.  
Read the Book review here.
Giveaway: [Update: to make the Giveaway more interesting now giveaways are 4 QTP Unplugged Books and 4 And I Thought I Knew QTP books]
So guys we are planning to giveaway 4 QTP Unplugged Books. Tarun is so generous he agrees to giveaway 4 more QTP Unplugged books to our visitors. So total of 8 books will be given away to 8 lucky members.
So how to become a lucky member? You need to send us the answers of the following questions to our email id fb@onestopsoftwaretesting.com. After a random vote, the winners will be declared:
  1. You Introduction and experience in testing?
  2. Why do you want to learn QTP?
  3. Benefits of Automation over Manual?
  4. What do you think about the future of Manual & Automation Testing?
Deadline: Send us your entries by Oct 23, 2011.
Note: This giveaway is only for Indian readers. For rest of the countries will be back soon with giveaways. Books will be delivered in India only.
Discount coupons:
For rest of the members, Tarun generated a coupon code OSSTMEMBER for our visitors. The coupon will provide 10% discount and is valid till 31st Dec. rest of the members can pre-order the book at: http://knowledgeinbox.com/store/ (This site is owned by Tarun). The current price of the book is INR 585 (same as the price of your Family size pizza)
knowledgeinbox.com already have discounted prices on the pre-booking orders. The discount coupon code OSSTMEMBER  will be over and above the existing discounts. The pre-booking discounts will be taken off on 21st Oct. So those who order and pay before October 21, 2011 will have real good discounts.
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